Woven Pathways / WovenPathways.com

Woven Pathways was a project from 2017 to 2022 to provide information regarding various complementary wellness modalities and research. It was shuttered during the ongoing pandemic.

During its tenure, it won the 2018 Summit Creative award. It also provided educational information, videos, career advice and historical references.

About the Woven Pathways name:

The Woven Pathways trade name / mark was selected with great care, and held deep significance. We were honored to have received positive feedback on our efforts from the 2018 Summit Creative Awards in the Health and Medicine Website category. Now, about our name:

  • WOVEN - The first word of the name itself suggests the benefit of an integrative, interwoven approach to wellness, and evokes the spiritual side of wellness, in that our lives are interwoven and that all things can work together for good.

  • PATHWAYS – The second word suggests a path to wellness, which can be found in a life well lived. We chose the name because, no matter what your journey, our pathways had been interwoven, since you had found this resource.